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Everyone should write a will. When you die, it will clearly express how you wish all your assets to be shared among your family and/or friends. It will help prevent your family from having to pay too much inheritance tax. It also specifies who you wish to be your children’s guardians, should you die before they become legally independent adults.

Even if you already have a will, it may be out of date or invalid and need rewriting or amending because of:

  • Change in family circumstances

  • Concerns about long-term (residential/nursing) care costs

  • Marriage

  • Divorce

  • Leaving foreign property in your will

  • Guardianship and children

  • Living together

Inheritance tax planning

Prior to writing or rewriting a will, we can also help you with inheritance tax planning. We can advise you how to:

  • Set up a trust as part of your tax and financial planning

  • Create a trust to be included as an integral part of your will

  • Minimise the inheritance tax you will need to pay, using our knowledge of the latest legislation

  • Organise gifts

  • Set up trusts

  • Take out specific insurance policies

  • Make investments

  • Incorporate a spouse exemption within your will, if relevant

Safeguarding your family’s inheritance

Failure to write a will can lead to a person being declared intestate, with the state claiming all the estate if the deceased has no close living relatives. Lack of a will can also cause huge debate and sometimes acrimony between family members as to who will inherit which assets, with all the heartache, wrangling and legal expense that can incur.

We at Ellicotts can advise you on all aspects of writing a will, appointing executors and children’s guardians, and ensuring all interested parties are kept fully informed of changing circumstances and their responsibilities.

Will you remain one of the many?

Please don’t be one of the 71% of UK citizens who currently don’t have a will. Then, once it’s been written, ensure it is up to date or not invalid because of altered family circumstances. Providing for long-term care may become an issue, you may start living with a new partner, get married/divorced, have children, or want to include property overseas in your will. Our advice is to write one now.

For more details of our wills services or to arrange a fixed fee initial consultation, please call us on 0208 445 5257, or email info@ellicotts.co.uk

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