Lasting Power of Attorney
Lasting Power
of Attorney
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Appointing in advance someone you trust to take decisions affecting your finances and healthcare in the event that you are no longer capable of making decisions yourself will give you peace of mind. The ‘attorney’ you nominate is legally enabled to act on your behalf once you have made a Lasting Power of Attorney and registered it with the Office of the Public Guardian.

It pays to take precautions

No one likes to think about growing old or about their own death; this is probably why many people overlook their personal affairs and fail to take simple precautions. Unfortunately, dementia and other mental illnesses, alongside cancer, heart disease and other physical illnesses, are increasingly taking their toll on families. If the right measures are not taken, people you would like to inherit your estate may not get what you would like them to have.

So we would strongly advise you to appoint a trusted attorney who can then work independently or with a specialist law firm such as Ellicotts to:

  • Safeguard your assets

  • Decide who manages your affairs

  • Create trusts for your children

  • Nominate guardians for your children

  • Help you benefit from tax savings

  • Make a charitable gift

  • Provide instructions for your funeral arrangements

  • Ensure protection against disputed claims on your estate

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